Writing Workbooks

Looking for extra guidance as you work to bring your stories to life?
You've come to the right place. Well-Storied's writing workbooks will walk you through the production of your next epic novel step by step.

Prepare to write a masterful story by mapping out your plot, character arcs, settings, and more with this 143-page fillable PDF workbook!

The Pre-Write Project

Are you looking to rock your next first draft, writer? Don't settle for less than success!

Embrace the power of drafting with a plan in place with The Pre-Write Project, a 141-page PDF workbook designed to zap the overwhelm out of developing and outlining your next book. Eager to dive in?


Crafting Incredible Characters

Do you fear you'll never develop characters as rich and compelling as your fictional favorites? 

Let's cut the overwhelm from character creation with Crafting Incredible Characters, a 103-page PDF workbook designed specifically to help you develop well-rounded characters that leap off the page in full-fledged glory.

Develop well-rounded characters that leap off the page with this 105-page fillable PDF workbook!
You're seriously in love with stories, but are you ready to get serious about writing your own? Check out this daily planner for authors today!

The Novel Planner

You're seriously in love with stories, but are you ready to get serious about writing your own?

Turn your writing dreams into realities with The Novel Planner, a daily planner designed specifically with writers in mind. Inside you'll find undated monthly & weekly calendars, project organization tools, achievement trackers, and more.

Note: The Novel Planner is available in both print and digital formats with your choice of a dark grey or bright blue cover.



World-Building Warrior

From geography and civilizations to cultures, religions, magic systems, and beyond, crafting fully-realized fictional worlds can be more than a little intimidating.

That's why I've created World-Building Warrior, a digital workbook designed to walk you through the world-building process step by step. With 165 pages of focused activities and guided questions, this is one resource you don't want to miss.