The Dark Between


The Dark Between is a planned seven-book epic fantasy series taking place in the world of Maveryn after the events of The Books of Maveryn quartet. Learn more about the series below!



The Dark Between

Status: In revision.

"Thea has lived her entire life in the shadows. Born with extraordinary yet disdained abilities, she has spent years learning how to control her powers and remain inconspicuous. But when a brooding young knight suspects her of witchcraft, Thea is suddenly thrust into the precarious light of the public eye, and her well-kept secrets are bound to follow.

As the illegitimate son of a High Lord, Sim Ryter never expected to find favor at royal court. But as he comes to understand just how much influence his family name compels, Sim learns of an alarming secret that could send several men – including himself – to the hangman’s noose. And it’s not long before someone else knows his secret, too.

With their very lives at stake, trusting their intuitions may be the only hope remaining for Thea and Sim’s survival. But doing so could also be the last mistake either of them ever makes…"


Books Two - Seven

The remaining books in The Dark Between series are development. 

More info coming soon!